The Best Spinning Reel

If you want a light-weight reel that casts further than other spinning reel on the marketplace, the U.S. Reels business has the reel for you. They make the SX series of rotating reels, which I believe are the best on the market for the cost. They are made with light-weight carbon fiber parts, top quality SDS drag system, 4 ABEC stainless-steel sphere bearings as well as wide spool design for long, smooth, precise casts.

The 180SX considers only 7.2 ounces. The 230SX weighs in at 8.9 ounces while the 240SX considers 9.9 ounces. These are a few of the lightest reels on the marketplace, makings them less complicated to cast as well as you do not get tired so rapidly! They function great with pigtail line in addition to mono-filament line.

The 230SX Supercaster utilizes proprietary products in a high pressure stack system that ca produce more drag than just about the best spinning reel under 50. Another feature is this reel has a sealed drag making it ideal for deep sea as well as freshwater fishing applications. The supercaster has a larger size spindle relative to the drag disks. This take advantage of indicates the supercaster begins with much less loading and faster compared to all various other reels. That indicates the drag can be set higher than all various other reels. In addition, the special SDS steady drag system compensates for drag temperature boosts and reduced line as line is paid so that drag tension continues to be the same throughout the battle.


Other advantages of the wide spindle style, is less line twist which suggests less line is wrapped around the spindle. By minimizing the twist it minimizes the line memory which suggests fewer line control problems and also better casting efficiency. Casting distance is an additional benefit of the supercaster reels. The broad style put line on the spool in bigger loopholes so on the cast those larger loops will explode off the reel for casts up to 30% farther compared to the lengthy nose reels.

The supercasters are one of the most flexible reels. One supercaster version could meet the demands of up to four sizes of a competitor's reel. For example, the 180 SX can fulfill the requirement of a 500 measure to a 2500 size reel. The 230SX from a 1000 size to a 4000 dimension reel, as well as the 240SX from a 2000 dimension to a 5000 size reel.

If you desire the best spinning frames on the market today, I would certainly advise checking out the Supercaster reels from the United States Reel company. You don't need to invest a lot of cash on the very best.

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